HEALING THROUGH POSITIVITY is a webpage focused on education for youth and young adults, specifically those in the LGBTQ+ community. This is a one stop shop for fantastic information, ridiculous stories, support during your dark days as well as fun tools to lead a more positive life!
We at HEALING THROUGH POSITIVITY are dedicated to making sure all of the information brought to you are factual from professional sources and subject experts, while the personal experiences will be varied so that anyone can find a relatable topic!


How does one wake up and not feel like you want to punch a koala in the face? Who here feels like they could get some serious first degree murder charges if anyone speaks to you before you’ve had your fourth coffee of the morning? Just me? Okay then…

In Positive Living, You’ll find fantastic tips and tricks to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle. From tips on meditation and yoga, to a 30 day reboot of small things to do every day to improve your quality of life (or just make those hangovers a little easier to bare) to budgeting tricks for students who want to be healthy, but also who’s wallet looks like the grinch stole christmas all up in it. We even have some awesome natural makeup and product suggestion for when you feel like covering yourself in (vegan, cruelty free) glitter and being pretty- gender irrelevant because sparkles look stellar on everyone.


Looking good is all about feeling great in your skin! We want you to love the body you’re in, to find comfort in other’s experiences with their own journey and we want to provide tools for everyone to be strong. This isn’t about going to the gym to have washboard abs, it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and going “Damn, I’d tap that…and that personality too, what a catch”.
In this section, you will find Before and After’s of people who are happy with who they are now (this has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with the person you are today versus the day before…although if you have those washboard abs, I’m sure people won’t mind either). You’ll find different diets with science based facts, and workout plans for at home and in the gym. We also wanted to showcase amazing people that live with disabilities or chronic illness who are kicking ass in life to show you that there is no obstacle too big to surmount!


You are valued. You are wonderful. You are loved. You are safe here.

After studying psychology for years in post-secondary, I realized that as much as there is information about mental health out there, it’s never in layman’s terms and your eyes instantly glass over as you start readings over “IDs and Egos”. We wanted to make mental health education accessible for everyone, that talks about real life issues and what actual mental illnesses are. Here you will find scientific information and data put into regular, people terms (or alien terms, I don’t want to discriminate) where you will also be given tools to manage any symptoms you may have. We are not doctors, but we are empathetic and we are here to listen and share.

SEX ED 101

“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me”. IF EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT SEX, THEN WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND INFORMATION ABOUT QUEER SEX?
Sex should be hot, consentual and…silly ! Sex was made to be fun, it was made to be enjoyed with someone and find a release. We want to educate you but also make sure that you know it’s fine to be silly and to laugh (or maybe I should take some of my own sex tips if I’m the only one).
We want you to be educated, because we find the lack of resources on healthy sexual activity concerning, especially for young queers between the age of 13-17 who are full of raging …thirst for knowledge. That’s why we started HEALINGTHROUGHPOSITIVITY’S SEXUAL EDUCATION PROJECT. In these pages or if you so choose, downloadable pdf, you will find information on every topic that Auggie.Blue and Chloe.Meagan could think about. There you will find information about a multitude of sexual topics ranging from different KINDS of sex (yes, there’s more than one), how to say no, how to say yes -because consent is sexy- and to show you that we all went through the same fumbles starting out. We’re also planning to give you an anatomy lesson so buckle up cowboy !

There are 2 versions! One for teenagers 13-17 , with sex specific information and statistics geared specifically towards you lovelies, and another for adults.

We hope to have this project completed for April 15th 2016. However, we will be constantly updating our pages and uploading pdfs (before they are all put together), so don’t miss out on the conversations and learning opportunities!


We are, first and foremost, an LGBTQ+ website designed to support the members in our community. Featured here , you’ll find coming out stories as well as discussions on sexualities and labels.
Not only that, but we’ve added clothing and apparel companies that are a perfect fit for just about everyone.

The last thing you will find are popular travel spots for the LGBTQ+ community, places that are known for their friendliness and support!



Not only do we want to be there for our incredible online community, but we are proud to announce that we have many projects in the works with companies and amazing organizations currently around Canada. Here, you will find information about such companies as well as a calendar of any workshops or events you can come and hang out with us at!


We want to hear from you! If you have any submissions for the webpage, want to contact us for workshops/projects or simply want to chat, use the contact form below or email us at healingthroughpositivity@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!